It Is What It Is …

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Everything is as it is.  All of our personal pain in any of our temporary circumstances is a result of being in resistance and choosing to be in judgment to what is: Wishing it were something other; desiring it to be something more; manipulating it to be something else; condemning it for not being what we want it to be, and then making decisions, and taking action based on that lack of acceptance to what is.

What is judgment? It is an assertion of something believed. The act or process of judging is the formation of an opinion made by the mind of right and wrong.  At the highest level of creation, can anything, in its True essence, created at any level within this unconditional and perfectly unfolding reality ever be right or wrong? Even in your judgment to make something right or wrong it still is not wrong… It is what it is.

Your divine essence (higher self, spirit, inner being, core, soul… or whatever term you give this essential aspect of you) can never create more than “you” as a being are able to experience in any moment.  How can any creation in the universe defy the natural order of the perfectly unfolding context from within which it was created?  Think about it… Your creative essence which is woven into every aspect of universal consciousness can never generate or create anything other or more than its own experience of itself? (based on your state of consciousness at any given moment)

Human beings spend so much of our precious time and energy creating and then justifying our position in the right-wrong paradigm of judgment, espousing our opinions and beliefs about it, protecting our position, and basing our behavior and our choices on that contracting, finite paradigm…But in the end, it still is and will always be what it is. And in any moment where there is the absence of judgment you will experience just that…

The Dali Lama says that “The absence of judgment is love.” Think about it…That is a bold and expansive idea;  is it not?

But then, what does one do with all the personal judgments, the ideas of good and bad, right and wrong and everything that defines them? You do not have to give them up if you do not want to. But observe how they make you feel.  At some point those judgments served you. Yes, that is true. They are not wrong. They were created, allowed and absorbed by your unconditional nature, without judgment, in the evolutionary process as part of your matrix of belief systems to serve as stepping stones on the journey. But do they still serve you now in your present state of consciousness?

You are still welcome to your opinions, tendencies, and preferences, but have them without the emotional attachment and charge. There will always be some circumstances, ideas, and even people that you do not like, and to which you do not resonate. That does not make them wrong. Be open-minded. Do not allow your circumstances to define you. You always have permission to change your mind or not change your mind at any given point as you deepen in your own experience and understanding of what is.

Everything is in a constant state of change. Life is expansive by nature forever resolving and dissolving into itself… like the ebb and flow of the waves in the ocean. There will always be more, other, and beyond the mind’s judgment and understanding of what it “thinks” it is supposed to be at any given moment. Attempting to create a finite or definitive mental understanding of anything is just safe and familiar mind-candy…

Be cautious of any teacher, belief system, or paradigm that attempts to tell you exactly how they think it is or convince you of how it should be at the expense of your own inner experience of you what feel.  This will only lead to an artificial and temporary paradigm. It will become a limited system of projected beliefs of someone’s version of what is which will eventually unravel as you grow in your own inner maturity. It will fall away as it no longer serves your internal world. Everyone is free to have their own opinions about whatever they want as part of their process of “unlearning.”  There is a Zen proverb that states “The obstacle is the path…”  Ultimately, to have a true connection to what is you have to have your own experience of it. No one else is able to map your internal journey for you, but they can inspire you, point you in different directions, and offer opportunities.

Forget everything you thought you knew for sure, forget trying to “get it” or understand, forget being right, forget trying to figure it out, forget following what you think you are supposed to doing or what someone else says you should be doing… Instead be fluid, be open, feel, and question everything, follow your own process… And explore your inner landscape and the potential limitations of your own internal beliefs that prevent you from opening more deeply to what is…

Ask yourself:  Do I have the courage to change my relationship to what is?

Perhaps in the reality of what is there is no agenda, no point, no conspiring, no violation, no motive, no outer influence, no good or bad, no right and wrong and in essence absolutely no meaning or purpose for anything… Just invitations.

Accept the invitation. Be in the flow. Follow your heart. Follow the patterns. Allow the movement of energy to guide and inspire your decisions and actions. Be in the constant ever-changing and evolving river of what is. Act in awareness without judgment. When you are allowing what is, then you will not feel the desire to change what is and therefore you will feel no resistance.

In this simple but expansive state, you are now open to experience the profound gift of the Great Mystery. It is called a “Great Mystery” for a reason.  No one will ever truly “know” what it is.  But there will always be the ever-present invitation from what is, offering a deeper and richer experience of itself from within and without… beyond your present judgments…

And in the true absence of those  judgments what then will  you experience?


Maybe that is what it is!



As a Holistic Life, Business and Relationship Coach, Markus has accumulated over 40,000 hours of coaching celebrities, entrepreneurs, businesses, couples and individuals for over 20 years and has created the groundbreaking IRAM: A Map for Creating Conscious Relationships.He facilitates events worldwide and is a regularly featured expert guest and speaker on podcasts and summits. Using an integrated approach of life coaching, psychology, mindset, alternative modalities and meditation practices, he has changed the lives of thousands by teaching how to transform all your relationships from the inside out.

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