Markus William Kasunich

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Topics Markus speaks about

  • Relationship dynamics (family, parenting, business)
  • Conditioning, behaviors and deep inner work
  • Creating healthy and conscious relationships
  • Core wounds and relationship triggers
  • IRAM: Inner Relationship Archetypal Model
  • Balancing the masculine and feminine archetypes
  • Living an expansive, purposeful and abundant life
  • Meditation, awareness and consciousness
  • Exploring your spiritual path and more…

Markus speaks on a wide range of topics. If you would like to inquire about a specific topic, please submit your inquiry by clicking below and we will get back to you. 

Inspire, educate, elevate.

“Markus is a captivating speaker. He is the real deal. Not only is his personal journey
extraordinary, he is an usually gifted facilitator, coach and presenter. His heart leads the room as he inspires and challenges his audience to discover their untapped potential. I have rarely seen anything like it.” 


I have attended nearly every speaking engagement and talk that Markus has done for over 10 years, and his events remain a “must attend” on my schedule. His remarkable understanding of the dynamics of emotions, relationships and human potential make the insights he shares invaluable to those seeking to bring more fulfillment and joy to their lives.

Chris Kann CEO of CSK Marketing, Business Coach, Director of the Mind, Body, Spirit Community

Markus is an excellent teacher. Speaking from experience, if you apply his teaching it will change your life. I know, that seems like an exaggeration. I can only speak from experience. Once you figure out why you do the things you do, once you dig into your past and confront it, everything changes. Markus teaches you not to confront your past like an enemy, but a respected adversary designed to protect you, if poorly. And then gives you a new map to a richer life and healthier relationships.

Stephen R. Burns Author, Professional Editor, Coach, Host of Project Dream Makers Podcast

Markus is generous with his knowledge, experience and skills and does whatever he can to help his clients reach their full potential at the rate in which they are ready. I have experienced this for myself and watched many others do so. Not all teachers allow their students to develop at the rate that suits them, but Markus finds the right mix of nudging me out of my comfort zone and keeping me supported and feeling somewhat safe.

Christie Kern, LAC. MSOM Certified Acupuncturist / Asian Medicine

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