Enjoy this collection of podcasts, shows and interviews that feature Holistic Life and Relationship Coach, Markus William Kasunich, as a guest. These intimate conversations discuss the rich personal history that influenced his journey into self-discovery, insight gained about the process, investigation into inner and outer relationships, healing, consciousness, life, death, entrepreneurship, emotional awareness and so much more. Some of the podcast series feature Markus as a returning guest. These programs originate from all over the USA, Canada and Europe.   

Featured Podcasts and Interviews

Enjoy a collection of intimate conversations , interviews and podcasts featuring Markus Kasunich on an array of topics.


The Healing Community Podcast: The Power of Inner Work (Interview by Debra Lightheart)

One of the ways to amplify your spiritual progress is by doing Inner Work. What is Inner Work? Why is is necessary? How do you begin? Markus will discuss some of the most powerful and effective approaches to optimize your spiritual progress and transform every relationship from the inside out and completely change your life.

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Mind, Body, Spirt, Living Show

The show explores the idea of whole living. Listen to discussion and discourse, featuring guests who will share their experiences and expertise, and help to enrich listeners’ understanding of different topics on health, wellness and spirituality.