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The content here has been drawn from live and online retreats, events, webcasts and coaching session with thousands of people worldwide who are exploring their own inner and outer relationship dynamics. 

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The Healing Community Podcast: The Power of Inner Work (Interview by Debra Lightheart)

One of the ways to amplify your spiritual progress is by doing Inner Work. What is Inner Work? Why is is necessary? How do you begin? Markus will discuss some of the most powerful and effective approaches to optimize your spiritual progress and transform every relationship from the inside out and completely change your life.

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Maximize Your Manifestation

Almost everyone begins their journey into manifestation by focusing on the popular relationship between awareness and abundance.  In the self-help community, these concepts are usually touted as foundational pillars that empower your ability to manifest. But the oversimplification and the misunderstanding of these ideas is one of the biggest pitfalls that derails the development of…

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