Creating a personalized Coaching Program
that works for you.

Why Holistic Coaching / Mentorship ​is important for your journey

I treat the entire experience of holistic life coaching/mentorship seriously. I believe in the process. I hold it sacred and therefore I am deeply committed as a coach and a mentor. Over the years, committed and regular mentorship was the most transformational method of study and practice for me with most of my teachers, coaches and guides.

After almost 20 years of profound personal work, purification, practice combined with over 30,000 hours of coaching others in a variety of formats, I have developed this coaching/mentoring program to offer what I often perceived was missing from most people’s personal exploration: A true integrated approach to mentorship including deep accountability, commitment, transformation, healing (purification), practical tools, courses and techniques aligned with an empowered change of behavior in the outer world.

Choose the program that is right for you:


Coaching Programs

Is a committed, immersive exploration and facilitation into your deeper personal issues using powerful ongoing tools to unravel and facilitate sustainable transformation in all areas of your life. The program is tailored for individuals or couples.  

Is a targeted to facilitate the Holistic transformation and healing for a specific issue, pattern or behavior. The program is tailored for individuals or couples. 

Is designed to build a common language, develop communication skills and enhance connection and intimacy with Couples (also includes parents and children). The program is tailored to the needs of each individual circumstance. (3 or 6 month options)