Markus William Kasunich

Life coach, speaker, author, husband, father and spiritual maven

Markus Kasunich has been facilitating personal transformation, the power of human potential and holistic healing modalities with individual clients, entrepreneurs, couples and groups all over the globe for over 20 years.

More Info About Markus' Journey

  • Near death experience (10 years old)
  • Native Canadian Algonquin Heritage
  • Psychology & Creative Arts at York & Concordia
  • Integrated Holistic Studies at HNC Collage
  • New Warrior/Mankind Project (co-facilitator of I-group) (2 years)
  • Over 30,000 hours of holistic life & relationship coaching practice (20 years)
  • Intensive study with gurus, mystics & shamans worldwide (15 years)
  • Personal traditional psychological therapy (4 years)
  • Facilitated thousands of lectures, workshops & events (20 years)
  • A year long solitary Vision Quest in the mountains of B.C, Canada
  • Facilitating men’s workshops, groups & gatherings (15 years)
  • Living “out of the world” in an ashram (11 years)
  • Student of Jungian psychology & transpersonal psychology
  • Creator of the I-Forum Program (dissolved in 2015)
  • Personal Kriya meditation training and practice (Sri Maheshwari Prasad Dubey Lineage) (8 years)
  • Organized & facilitated group retreats with his wife Samjhi (9 years)
  • Co-founder of Awareness-U (dissolved in 2019)
  • Frequent podcast and radio show guest (for over 5 years)
  • Ongoing personal mentoring (20 years)
  • Founder of the Relation-SHIFT Academy
  • Host of the Relation-SHIFT Podcast
  • Author of IRAM: A Map for Creating Conscious Relationships
  • Professional Artist
  • Devoted husband & father (of two)
  • Adventurer, seeker, nature lover, perpetual student of life

Markus is furthest thing from an “ordinary” teacher, healer, coach or mentor.
I have rarely met such a gifted individual who has created such a powerful platform for transformation.
He integrates the psychological, interpersonal, spiritual and his unbelievable personal experience into
a practical coaching model. His programs have completely changed every relationship in my inner
and outer life, in ways I couldn’t have dreamt possible.

His Personal Story

The journey Begins

Markus was born in Ontario, Canada. It took years for Markus to accept, integrate and articulate a single moment that would forever change the course of his life. This near-death experience of his childhood may have seemed like a simple “close call” to those in his immediate sphere, but for him, it inspired an unprecedented awakening of consciousness that thrust him completely unprepared into a remarkable but now alien relationship with every aspect of life.

At this young age of 10, his strange new perspective oscillated somewhere between being completely overwhelmed with the previously unseen dimensions of life, feeling completely misunderstood but in total awe. Life was indeed extraordinary with much more depth than the mundane and “normal” paradigm that was presented to him. He became driven to understand, explore and master the depths of human nature and more deeply realize the inherent consciousness that inspired the human experience. In that moment, a true seeker was born and this began his journey and adventure of an unconventional path.

A Foundation of Consciousness

The exploration of consciousness, the nature of human conditioning, and the power of the mind and creative manifestation became his passion as Markus studied Psychology and Creative Fine Arts at York University in Toronto, Ontario, continuing his education at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. Eventually, his exploration led him to study the unconventional, alternative, and holistic philosophies and practices relating to consciousness.  Drawing on his unique perspective and study of human dynamics he was already professionally counseling, coaching, and mentoring people twice his age in his 20’s.  He became actively involved with the New Warrior/Mankind project in the late 90’s and other organizations, earnestly looking for a mentor, but became the teacher. He continued to facilitate men’s gatherings and similar retreats for people all over Canada and the United States for the next 15 years.

Relentless for continued education he continued to study and rediscover his native Canadian roots, natural practices, heart-centered and earth-based philosophies. He mentored with alternative masters, gurus, spiritual teachers, shamans, mystics, healers, counselors, psychologists from South America, Mexico, England, Europe, Australia, India, Canada, and all over the U.S.A. perfecting his skills, training, and expanding his personal realization.

An Unconventional Path

Devastated and disillusioned, after a near-tragic car accident that nearly killed him and his passengers, he opted out of the chaos of society, gave up his worldly possessions, job, all of his money, and chose to engage on a personal “Vision Quest”,  living off the land in the northern forests and mountains of British Columbia, Canada in contemplation, personal solitude, and meditation for almost a year.

After an extended pilgrimage to different continents, he settled into 11 years of service and meditation, living “under the radar” immersed in an ashram and spiritual community. He spent most of those years serving as the personal assistant to the spiritual teacher, the counselor for the global community and was made responsible for much of the business and management of the global organization. Alongside his duties, Markus continued to study the dynamics of human nature, intimately exploring the inner and outer aspects of every relationship and the conditioning and patterns that unconsciously influence behavior. 

There, he assisted in facilitating worldwide retreats, pilgrimages, events, and managed staff and daily operations as he continued to refine his coaching, counseling practice along with his ongoing personal journey of Self-exploration.

An Incredible Personal Journey

Eventually, he sought to leave the community and officially re-entered society. He had almost no possessions, no assets, no home, no community was forced to cut almost all connections to his previous life. It was all instantly gone. By this time, Markus had already persevered through the more than a lifetime of challenges as he was starting over. 

He had already returned from the dead along with several other near misses, he had been kidnapped at gunpoint, physically, mentally, sexually, emotionally and spiritually abused, he survived off the land, existed with almost nothing, explored intense pilgrimages in foreign lands, became a father, was in an arranged marriage, divorced, immigrated to another country, fell in love, remarried and experienced the most extraordinary examples of spiritual awakening and personal growth.

Markus felt compelled to return to organized society. And he began his personal mission to now master the art of abundance, manifestation and success in the material world to demonstrate the example of unlimited potential, despite all the odds. 

Holistic Life, Business & Relationship Coaching

Markus studied the discipline of formal Kriya meditation and was mentored for 8 years, traveling back and forth to India. At the same time, he spent the next 5 years building a thriving six-figure international coaching practice from the ground up. He began to publish his writings, refine his teaching model, build programs, training and courses. He finally began to fully accept his role as teacher and mentor. He continued to professionally speak all over Canada and the US, regularly appearing on radio interviews in the west coast and mid-west of the United States. He lectured on holistic and inspiring topics pertaining to relationships, human potential, meditation, creativity, personal development, emotional awareness, overcoming obstacles, transforming consciousness, business and more.

Markus has been described as a “mentor and coach for coaches.” His clients are often high level professionals, therapists, life-coaches, psychologists, actors, business owners, entrepreneurs, athletes and everyday people who hunger to transform their inner and outer relationships. He has accumulated over 30,000 hours of individual and group coaching in his 20 years of practice.

A Lifetime Commitment to Self-exploration

Markus is devoted to his continued personal training, exploration and deepening of his own consciousness.  Self-purification and Self-realization are a way of life. This deeply-personal journey of Self-investigation continues to refine his insight into the human condition. He explores the expansive mindset, success in the material world, creative potential and the transformational power of the human spirit in every relationship. He truly believes you can have it all:   Conscious relationships, financial success, abundance, love, fulfillment, service, growth and a truly inspired, joyful and purposeful life.

He walks his talk. He weaves his remarkable life-experiences, and years of  training into comprehensive systems and tools for the practical world of business, relationships and all aspects of daily life. He teaches individuals  and organizations to empower their own dreams, discover their purpose and truly realize their unlimited potential.  Markus presently lives in California with his family and his wife, Samjhi. He continues to coach, mentor and teach in-person and online programs.