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Webcast Archive

Webcast Archive





Coaching Case Studies

Coaching Case Studies

Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations

Mantra, Movement & Meditation

Mantra, Movement & Meditation


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The Relation SHIFT Academy provides powerful content that changes the way you engage with every relationship in your life. Use these Holistic tools to become more mindful of your emotions, shift your inner and outer behavior, patterns, habits and dynamics to discover new ways of thinking that will completely transform your life.


The best way to get a taste of the Relation SHIFT Academy offerings is to sign up for a monthly membership and explore the range of content. You will also have access to the LIVE monthly Community (all member) Q&A.  Remember, every level membership is risk free with no obligation and you can easily upgrade, downgrade or cancel your membership at any time. Explore a month and see how being a part of this community can transform your life.  

The present membership catalogue includes over 200 pieces of content in over 20 categories that have been curated over the past 5-7 years from hundreds of live and online events. New content is added weekly,  creating an ever-growing collection of relevant VIDEO, AUDIO and WRITTEN material including: 

  • Q&A’s
  • Coaching Case Studies
  • Courses, Workshops and Lectures
  • Guided Meditations
  • Mantra, Movement and Meditation
  • Kundalini Yoga and Kriya practices
  • Podcasts, Articles and Blogs 

A snapshot of new and highlighted content can always be accessed every week in the Relation SHIFT Update member’s newsletter. On the site, new content is displayed at the top of each associated menu section, and for quick reference you can always access the RECENTLY RELEASED  content at the top of your LIBRARY as well as in your member’s DASHBOARD.  

Membership offers a lifetime access to the Private Facebook Relation SHIFT Community where you can engage with the “by invite only” growing community of over 400 people. We have a strict code of ethics to create a safe environment to connect with others. Get special offers, ask questions and make a connection with larger global community of like-minded people.  Markus and Samjhi personally facilitate the group.  

The LIVE Relation SHIFT Webcast is an intimate monthly event offered exclusively to ALL members of the community. It addresses Q&A’s on a variety of self-development topics (such as relationship dynamics, case studies, live coaching of real-life relationship scenarios, personal challenges and open dialogue). All submitted questions and answers are always anonymous. 

The content for this webcast is created directly from the pool of questions sent from our members. These powerful events allow you to get your burning questions or topics addressed directly by Markus and receive powerful live coaching on your issues. Stay tuned in to the calendar of events on your membership dashboard for the updated event schedule and receive regular email reminders of the upcoming events.  

The Relation SHIFT Webcast archive is a relay of the past webcasts. It is available to all members. With will access the entire archive of recordings from all the LIVE Webcasts. Did you miss the live event?  No worries, you can easily access and listen to those recordings here, browse through the catalogue of past events or revisit any material at any time.

This powerful resource only enhances your journey. Send in questions, engage with the personally relevant topics at your own pace and on your schedule. There are no restrictions and nothing ever expires. The archive of content is always available to you.        

These special discounted private coaching sessions with Markus are ONLY available to members of the Relation SHIFT Academy. These one-on-one 90 minute Holistic Coaching sessions are a powerful way to work through relationship issues and get the guidance you need wherever you are on your journey.  These sessions combine Markus’s 25 years of coaching experience utilizing Eastern and Western modalities to create a truly Holistic approach for you! 

All members will receive special offers and discounts on individual Holistic Coaching sessions. If you are interested in a one-on-one private session with Markus, remember to select Book a session on the top menu to get your discount.  

The weekly Relation SHIFT Update is available for all levels of memberships of the Relation SHIFT Academy. It offers exclusive tips, personal stories, quotes, teachings, commentary on relevant current events from Markus, email notifications of newly added content, select articles, blogs, upcoming events and special offers to subscribers delivered each week directly to your inbox. This is a powerful way to access and explore a selection of content at your fingertips. Stay connected and informed.

Here is feedback from one of our members: 

“The weekly email update is awesome. I was surprised at how much I use it. I get so many links to content that I never thought of exploring. The tips of the week are so helpful! The topics are always relevant to what I am going through and offer an interesting perspective on current affairs in the world and in my own life.  I am updated on upcoming events and I can click to register for the next webcast right there. I love it because I know I am going to get great tools every week when I open my email. ” 

A Membership with the Relation SHIFT Academy is always totally RISK-FREE! You can change membership status or even cancel your membership at any time with no restrictions or penalties.

Instructions on how to upgrade or cancel your account. 

  1. Log in to your account profile.
  2. Click the arrow (to the right of the Contact on the top menu bar).
  3. Click on My account
  4. Go to Memberships or Subscriptions to review your status.
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