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2016 Retreat Participants Testimonial

“You cannot cage parts of yourself up in order to find freedom.” -Markus Kasunich

 Accepting the fact that I have actually changed what many have said could never be changed but only lived with, was the most elusive part of my journey until I met Markus. How many times had I felt failure because I “felt or thought” certain even though I never allowed myself to act on it? 

I thought I had to keep the parts of me that once were out of control in a cage to keep others and myself safe. The difference between freedom and living in a cage is the amount of trust you have in your potential. Now, I am mindful of the energy that either causes me to contract or to expand in my life and all the people, places and things that come with it. 

 Taking this personal journey of awareness with Markus has helps me to see even deeper into myself and into the others that I serve. It allows me to help them to free themselves from limiting beliefs and feelings so they can experience the loving nature of an expanding universe opening itself to receive them and me.  I am more willing to feel deserving and trusting with myself.  

Thank you, Markus. For helping me to set parts of myself free that no longer need to be caged. 

 – Sammy Rangel MSW, CSAC (Founder of Formers Anonymous)



Sammy Rangel

Markus has profoundly affected me in the most positive way.  His honest and compassionate guidance has impacted my life in such a way that I wouldn’t have thought possible before meeting him.  Through his personal development workshops and retreats, as well as through One-on-One coaching sessions, Markus illuminates the path to consciousness, then helps you learn the tools to be able to follow it.  In my case, this has meant recognizing the ways my conditioning has negatively impacted me throughout my life, and identifying the means to neutralize it and eliminate its power.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with such an amazing healer, coach and teacher.

Amy Schiveley

I have been working with Markus Kasunich individually and attending his lectures, workshops, retreats and events consistently since 2010.  Markus has a true gift for gently leading his clients out of their personal comfort zones and helping them see the possibilities ahead if they are willing to let go and trust the process of facing their fears. He has mentored and encouraged me through this process of personal transformation into deeper consciousness, helping me to recognize and release patterns and thoughts that had been holding me back and preventing me from realizing my true potential.  It is not easy – and never comfortable – but Markus provides the guidance, reassurance and humor that make it possible for his clients to progress by leaps and bounds one small step at a time. 

 As I write this testimonial, I am in the beginning stages of completing an MFA degree that will enable me to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a writer. With his encouragement, I was able to leave a career that did not feed my soul. I have a much deeper understanding of myself and my needs (as well as my unhealthy patterns) and a clarity about my life’s purpose that I could not have acknowledged before I began working with Markus.

 I care for myself in ways that were not possible before Markus helped me accept my intrinsic value as a person. My close personal relationships have become more authentic. In all sincerity, I do not believe I could have made so much progress without his wisdom and guidance over these past several years. And I can’t wait to see where I go from here!

Marcia Bulher

I just want to thank you once again for coming to Racine. I feel so blessed to have met you. As I told you – I instantly felt that I knew you and that helped me to feel comfortable, open up and accept the help that you gave me. I’ve reflected on everything you said and the experiences that I had in my session, healing circle, and pranayama. Since my session with you, I stopped taking all my anti-anxiety medications. I feel stronger and more able to face whatever comes up, as it comes up. It’s a great feeling.

I’m sure there will be bumps in the road, and I will deal with them when they occur. I know that this new strength comes from my time with you. I only wish you lived closer so that I could see you more often.

You are an amazing and talented person with a gift of comforting and healing people. Thank you for coming here, sharing yourself with us, and for helping me heal. I know it must be hard to be away from your home and your family for so long. We needed you here so much and appreciate that you shared this time with us!

Thank you for everything! It means more than you could possibly know. I hope to remain a friend forever with you!

Sarah P.Racine, WI

My experience with Markus was magical and brought peace and lightness into my body, soul and mind. To this day I feel that it was one of the most important things I have done for myself in furthering my personal and physical health and growth.

Prior to our session together I was plagued with serious amounts of pain, along with a sense of heaviness in me. I felt despondent and uncertain as to what to do and where to turn. When I heard about Markus, I knew and more importantly felt immediately that he was part of the solution to my dilemma. I was right.

Our session was emotional and intense, and I loved every second of it. It felt like I had experienced an exorcism. My heart has been lighter ever since, everything tastes, feels, and smells better, peaceful sleep comes easily, and so many of the aches and pains in my physical body had ceased. The most notable gift I received from our session is the peace of mind that I now feel and a beautiful calm in my heart. I will be forever grateful.

Sandra YeamanOrangeville, Ont. Cananda

Markus resonates with a powerful gentleness, fearless and accepting. He is able to see any situation as a gift, welcome it lovingly and pull from it, truth and light. Hence, he presents profound teachings that reveal themselves for days.

I have been honored to host Markus as a guest speaker at my store in Kenosha, WI. An evening with Markus is guaranteed to be an insightful, engaging experience.
He’s spoken on a variety of topics such as, ‘The Power of Words‘, ‘Archetypes & Symbols‘, ‘The Human Ego‘ and ‘Finding Inner Peace‘. He offers a wonderful meditation at the onset of the evening that literally raises the vibration and awareness of the whole room.

After an evening with Markus I always feel ‘blessed and grateful’…having been carried to a loving, higher place of knowing. I would welcome him to my store and be thrilled to introduce him to the community any time…time & time again….

ColleenKenosha, WI

Markus has manifold abilities, one of them is his healing sessions. Markus is an architect of consciousness and energy. He has the innate ability to study your unique energetic body footprint, and then apply pressure on various parts of your body using his hands and elbow. The result is absolutely astounding – your body energetically molts! This is a ‘cleansing of the pipes…’

…This cleansing can render you immobile, with all your old energy gushing out, it being replaced with newer energy (love) which should bring you closer to enlightenment. I can write words to try and tell you how I felt during his sessions, but it should really be experienced to be believed!

I have seen several masseurs here in India who do Ayurvedic Massages using Ayurvedic oils, but the non invasive sessions of Markus were exponentially more powerful than the Ayurvedic Massages by a factor of 10! Markus does not use anything besides his deft hands. No oils, no nothing. It is done on you with your clothes on – on your back and your limbs. I must add that a shift in your energy will release deep, old wounds which have existed for years; some are known to sob their wounds out in the sessions, sometimes Markus (as an architect of energy) can see flashbacks of your life and past lives and then tells you what had happened (many clients vouch for this). When he speaks this revelation out to you, you are restored to a deep sense of peace to some disassociated part of self that was nagging you. Lives are changed forever! Keep it going, Markus.

Naresh NayakMumbai, India

Pure love. That is my experience with Markus. He is a channel for God. When I work with Markus, I feel God’s love. Now, I feel it more and more in my regular but magnificent life. Markus validated something I have felt for a long time. I just didn’t trust myself enough to express it. Markus lives his life with full intention. He is the example of “being the change you wish to see in the world”. It is so wonderful to be in his presence. He exudes wisdom. He has facilitated a deeper connection between my husband and I. I am forever grateful to have this man in my life. Namaste, Markus.

Heidi FanninRacine, WI USA

Truly encompassing mind, body and spirit, Markus has an amazing ability to intuitively and quickly access the core of whatever issue a person may be facing.

So often physical challenges are a manifestation of emotional issues and having someone who can identify, explore and help you move beyond roadblocks is truly a gift. I have personally known Markus to help with spiritual growth, major life decisions, loss of loved ones, relationship and career issues, purging toxins following chemo, improving energy flow, rehabilitating sports injuries, releasing emotional guilt, and undoing unrealized baggage.

Friends who had sought help elsewhere or who weren’t sure what topic to broach were astonished when Markus was able to share a very succinct, clear, and wise path to address their most critical concerns. He truly has a remarkable gift. Being very approachable, comfortable, and having a great sense of humor makes Markus a pleasure to work with. I completely trust in his ability to help people.

I have always had a passion for self-improvement and meeting Markus has helped me grow in ways I could never have imagined.

Susan T.Hermosa Beach, CA

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