A Powerful journaling Technique: Writing and Burning

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bowl burning (A tool for releasing and transforming consciousness)

As we continue to deepen in our experience of our infinite nature and therefore begin to change our relationships to all the outdated patterns, habits, and conditioning in our relative bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and energetic) there are many tools available to facilitate this process of deconstructing, letting go, releasing, or purging all the “unnecessary stuff” within our consciousness.

 Many of these conditioned behaviors were learned survival tools in our process of unconsciously creating our personalities (which have now become outdated).  But how do we know when a pattern truly “no longer serves” in our present state of evolution?  If you pay attention, it will become apparent that you will become uncomfortable, unwilling, and sometimes unable to engage in the old way of being. It becomes impossible to be what we once were. An “invitation” is being offered (by our infinite intelligence– sometimes manifesting through outer circumstances) to let go of the old way of being, honor it for how it served you, and engage in a more conscious relationship to those behaviors.

 “Permanent transformation, growth, and true expansion of your consciousness
 will only occur at the far edge of your comfort zone…
Comfort and growth are diametrically opposed and mutually exclusive.”

 As we continue to deepen in the process of inner growth, we then begin to truly observe, these relative systems within us and how they function, we begin change our relationship to them,  deconstruct them, and finally we release the seemingly limiting, unnecessary, and outdated patterns which no longer serve the evolving awareness of consciousness. Some of these patterns of “old” energy literally “fall off” while others take more time, commitment, and discipline to unravel as you allow the process. Often times in releasing old patterns there can be many uncomfortable “shadow” or “dark” unconscious aspects within the different levels of the being that beg for expression and attention.These aspects need to be honored and validated as part of the process of then letting go.

If these patterns are not validated in some way through the conscious experience of awareness, then they may continue to build internal energy and express themselves “subversively” within the unconscious aspects of this matrix, often playing out in the “drama” of our external world in many forms… But one way or another, the energy from these patterns will find a place and a manner to express itself if it needs to be expressed.

 “…Until one makes the unconscious conscious
it will direct your life and you will call it fate…” – Carl Jung

tumblr_ltubqwOagz1qaaw6wo1_500 There is an array of rituals, psychological tools, and methods from many different esoteric practices that can be utilized when consciously approaching this process—as unique and diverse as their cultural system from where they originated. And, while each of us may resonate to different tools or variations of these tools to purge, process and release these energies and patterns, it is important to understand that there are some fundamental dynamics about the essence of these tools:  how they function, why they are effective, their application, pitfalls to watch for, and how they will affect our consciousness that aids in the process of letting go. This understanding can potentially make these tools more effective and create lasting transformation within the consciousness.

Understanding the dynamics and the process:

wcpichand Creating a safe and sacred space:  The process of  writing and burning is about creating a “sacred space” to validate and finally release all the negative aspects of consciousness.  Sometimes it can be difficult to find a space in our society where we feel safe enough to give these negative aspects a place to express themselves.

The process To begin, take a blank sheet of paper and give yourself permission to let go…  Begin to write down “unedited” all the negative things you are experiencing within the different relative bodies.  (physical, emotional, mental, energetic, spiritual) Begin with each of the relative bodies and write until you have “emptied” all that needs to be expressed in that area, and move to the next category. You need not follow a particular order, and you may jump around from place to place. Follow your intuition. Treat this format as a guide for your process. For example:

  • Physical:  My back hurts. my knee aches. I don’t like my weight…
  • Mental:  I cannot stop thinking about what he said to me, and what that triggered…
  • Energetic: I have this dirty feeling all over my body. The atmosphere sucks…
  • Emotional: I feel so angry at the situation…
  • Spiritual:  I am not moving fast enough. Why can’t  I experience my awareness more…

Let go of judgment:  Often in this process, we encounter many aspects of behavior, beliefs, and concepts that we judge as “wrong” or “bad”, which in some cases is why they were buried deep in the consciousness in the first place. It is important to allow everything to reveal itself without judgment, knowing that all the parts of you, no matter how they may seem, were a completely necessary and valid part of your evolution. Creating an expansive and loving relationship to what we perceive as these “negative” aspects is what gives us the ability to finally release them.

Do not censor your expression: In this place you are allowed to complain, be a victim, rant, swear, curse, “go crazy”, write nonsense, half-thoughts, scribble,  and write whatever you want in whatever manner you wish to express it, especially if it is something you would never say or do in your life. Give yourself permission to completely let go. Release your “inner jerk” and let it rip! For many who have decided that it is not “spiritual” to express their dark side, this process may feel uncomfortable as you break through conventions and belief about how you are “supposed” to express yourself.

 You are not hurting anyone:  Understand that you have set up this safe place with the intention of releasing and healing. It is about giving yourself permission to purge. You may write and feel things about others, yourself, and your circumstances that are unkind and even “dark”. That is wonderful. Let the process organically move you. Go with the flow of the writing. Do not worry about what is being written. Consider it a “burp” or out-pouring of energy that needs expression. And since it is coming out you and serving your growth, that expressed energy is not hurting anyone. You are allowed to feel everything that you feel. And this is the appropriate and safe place to do that.

Do not re-read or edit your purge The point of the exercise is to get the negativity out of your consciousness, not examine it, do not edit it, do not even look at it. It is very important that you NEVER re-read what you wrote. You do not need to re-engage the negativity; you just need to let it go. If you find yourself wanting to read it, then you probably have more in there that wants to be released and written. If you need to fold the paper in half after you complete a page then do what is necessary to avoid the temptation.

The alchemy of writing Though it can also be cathartic to type the process, I recommend the organic act of writing. It is a very powerful way to move the energy. My experience is that it is more difficult to get out of the way, not edit, or re-read if you type out the release instead of writing it. Use a crayon, a fat pencil, a marker… whatever “feels” natural for you and connects you to the core issues that are flooding to the surface. You can use different writing material each time and see what works for you. There are no rules, just guidelines to help move the process along. The alchemy of this writing process can tap into instinctual aspects of your being that you may not access through the technology.

letting-go-ceremony1 How much should I write? There is no specific amount that “should” be written during this process. Write until you cannot write anymore, until nothing is naturally coming out. Do not force the process. This is not about indulging in an experience of negativity, it is about creating a space to release it. In the beginning of this process I may have written over 10-15 pages of “stuff”. Some days it is less than others. It depends on what is moving through you, what circumstances are present and how you are relating to them.

The burning ceremony Create a burning ceremony. Follow your intuition. Create a safe place where you can burn the writing. After you have emptied your “stuff” on the page, then gather your pages together and immediately burn them. Fire is the one of the greatest tools for transmuting energy on the planet. As you are burning the writing, offer prayers and invocations to aid in the release process if you feel guided to do so. Be aware that you are actually releasing the energy… for good.

For example:

I fully release anything and everything from my mental, emotional, physical, energetic, and spiritual bodies and from every cell of my being that no longer serves me. I offer up this release to the universe and honor these aspects of my consciousness as part of this process, and I express my gratitude for all that I have learned because of these aspects… I ask the universe to accept this offering from a place of love… So be it.

istock-000011612569medium Notice how you feel during and after the ceremony:  During the process you may feel waves of energy or emotion moving through you. You may also re-experience some of the trauma or feel actual pain in your physical body. Your thoughts may connect to situations where you experienced the negativity. Know that you are not re-creating the event or the pain or creating more pain, you are just accessing it to be released from where it was buried. Sometimes after the release you may feel tired and need to rest. You may even feel light and open.  Pay attention to see what has changed within you after you have completed the ceremony. Honor all of it. Everything you are experiencing is a natural part of the process. Nurture yourself.

Use this tool as often as you feel guided to. Follow your intuition. Allow the energy within you to guide the experience. This is a powerful process for shifting energy and changing consciousness. Treat this ceremony with respect and sacredness.

Remember, through your intention,
whatever you put into it is what you are going to get out of it.



As a Holistic Life, Business and Relationship Coach, Markus has accumulated over 40,000 hours of coaching celebrities, entrepreneurs, businesses, couples and individuals for over 20 years and has created the groundbreaking IRAM: A Map for Creating Conscious Relationships.He facilitates events worldwide and is a regularly featured expert guest and speaker on podcasts and summits. Using an integrated approach of life coaching, psychology, mindset, alternative modalities and meditation practices, he has changed the lives of thousands by teaching how to transform all your relationships from the inside out.

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