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With Host Chris Kann and reoccurring guest Markus William Kasunich - People from all walks of life continue to be more aware of the benefits of healthy living, eating and being. They are curious about what they can integrate into their everyday life that can allow them to live more fully. There are many terms and concepts in the world of wellness and spirituality that can be confusing…..and it is important to have a place to go to get credible information to make a decision about what might be right for you. The Mind Body Spirit Living show is meant for those who want to know more about whole living in a way that is not intimidating or judgmental. Listen in to hear discussion and discourse, featuring guests who will share their experiences and expertise, and help to enrich listeners’ understanding of different topics on health, wellness and spirituality. You can add to making the program informative with emails and questions that can help to enrich everyone’s understanding. Thank you for being part of the Mind Body Spirit Living community


MBSL: Emotional Intelligence

We continue our discussion about Emotions, this week digging deeper to understand what it means to have Emotional Intelligence.  How can really understanding ourselves and

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