MBSL: Limitless Thinking

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We all have plans and dreams for the future.  Have you ever considered if you’ve allowed yourself to really think big in dreaming those dreams for yourself?  Consider taking a fresh perspective and look at your future with no limits…..silencing the judge and editor in your head that keeps you from seeing your full potential.

This week we begin a series of shows about dreaming and creating from a blank slate.  What  is it like to chase a dream…..to create something from nothing….to make an idea or vision a reality?  We’ll be talking to people whose lives and careers have included  a leap of faith, and taking a risk to see an idea through.  Our guest this week is Markus Kasunich, who often provides the opening thoughts in our discussion series.



As a Holistic Life, Business and Relationship Coach, Markus has accumulated over 40,000 hours of coaching celebrities, entrepreneurs, businesses, couples and individuals for over 20 years and has created the groundbreaking IRAM: A Map for Creating Conscious Relationships.He facilitates events worldwide and is a regularly featured expert guest and speaker on podcasts and summits. Using an integrated approach of life coaching, psychology, mindset, alternative modalities and meditation practices, he has changed the lives of thousands by teaching how to transform all your relationships from the inside out.

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