Course Tag: Journaling

The Art of Journaling

There is a reason that some of the most influential thinkers, creators and leaders of history have all utilized the tool of journaling. Journaling is one of the most powerful tools on your journey of personal exploration. The idea of journaling is exciting to most, but so many people do not know where to start when they begin using this tool. In this course we explore the benefits of journaling, some effective journaling techniques and to help to practically apply this tool. Cultivating this skill of journaling will completely amplify your process and change your life.

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The Relation SHIFT Webcast (June 19, 2021)

  • What is a paradigm? (38 m)
  • The Importance of Developing your Inner Symbolic Language (18 m)
  • MATURE INNER ADULT:  Understanding the Dynamics of the Protector (18 m)
  • WOUNDED INNER CHILD:  Chronic Pain and the Misunderstood Child (18 m)
  • Projection:  The Dark Side of an Empath (17 m)
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The Relation SHIFT Webcast (April 29, 2021)

  • The 5 Keys for Effective Change (35 mins)
  • Relationship Triggers & Primal Wounds (25 mins)
  • Rekindling the Dynamics of Romance (20 mins)
  • Projection: Putting Your Partner on a Pedestal (18 mins)
  • Making your Partner your Therapist or Becoming the Therapist (23 mins)
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The Relation SHIFT Webcast (April 15, 2021)

  • Dynamics of Being “Triggered” (15 mins)
  • 8 Steps to Process Being “Triggered” (30 mins)
  • Case Study #1 – Fear of engaging in discussions: Needy Child & Unavailable Adult (23 mins)
  • Case Study #2 – Not keeping your word: Injustice & Misunderstood Child (10 mins)
  • Agreements (16 mins)
  • Rules for Healthy Arguments (7 mins)
  • The 4 Types of Disagreements (23 mins)
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