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The Relation SHIFT Webcast – (Aug 10, 2023)

Gossip, Venting, Complaining, and Oversharing (70 min)
Creating More Romance in your Relationships (35 mins)
Q&A: Can Your Love Language Change? (10 mins)  


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The Relation SHIFT Webcast – (Mar 23, 2023)

Empaths: Attracting Dark Energies (45 mins)
SHADOW INNER ADULT: The Inauthentic Handler (45 mins)
Exploring Your World of Dreams (45 mins)

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Mapping the Narcissistic Personality

How can you better understand and navigate this form of conditioning? In this discussion we will map Map the most typical Narcissist personality traits in relationship to the IRAM archetypes to help to understand what psychological and archetypal medicine is needed for these patterns. Can a Narcissist change their conditioning? Find out.

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Tools for Creating Conscious Connections in Every Relationship

It can be difficult to connect with others. In this discussion we explore these powerful tools, techniques and tips. Learn what works and how to create the environment for connection with others. Create more conscious connections in every (platonic and romantic) relationship in your life.

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Navigating the Emotion of Anger (Explore Your Anger Profile)

Anger is one of the most difficult and misunderstood emotions to deal with in yourself and in others. Everyone deals with anger differently. How do you navigate anger in your inner and outer world? What is your unconscious anger expression profile? Do you want to learn how to not only understand anger but also develop tools beyond just managing this potentially destructive emotion?

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The Alchemy of Emotional Intelligence

Join Holistic Life and Relationship Coach, Markus Kasunich for this workshop where he unravels the power and potential of emotional awareness and emotional intelligence which eventually leads to true Emotional Alchemy.   Through practical life tools, a simple map and a understanding of the dynamics of your emotional world Markus will demonstrate how to empower your emotions instead of being crippled by them.  Through this powerful understanding of Emotional Alchemy, you will discover the necessary awareness, tools, and techniques to completely transform your relationship with yourself and the world around you.

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The Power of Your Sacred Wounds

What is the root causes of stress and how do you deal with it more effectively? Why can it be so difficult to spend time with your family of origin? How can you stay aware, connected and centered during stress and dysfunction? Transform the past conditioning of family dynamics into powerful opportunities for growth and expansion. Change your relationship to stress, discomfort and past dysfunctional patterns to create balance, deeper connection, and understand the sacred power of that past conditioning. This powerful lecture explores your fundamental conditioning and offers a map to examine your Primal Wounds.

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The Pursuit of Happiness vs The Path of Joy

We live in a society which often encourages unhealthy comparison and self-critique.  So many feel that this focus on your outer image is necessary in order to be accepted, validated and remain socially relevant. But what is the psychological, emotional and spiritual impact of this phenomenon? These tools are supposed to keep us more connected, so why do most people still seem to feel so unhappy and unfulfilled? What is the secret to discovering the meaningful, lasting and successful life that you have always wanted? What is the difference between temporary happiness and sustainable joy?

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A Map of Consciousness: The Universe of You

When seekers begin their process of self-investigation, one of the first questions is how do I approach the process? Where should I be placing my focus? What is the most effective approach? How should I begin? The truth is that, everyone could use a holistic map to more effectively navigate their journey into self-exploration.  In this course you will explore a powerful “Universe of You” Map of consciousness which is designed to help you to not only understand, but also support that process. The lecture outlines the different aspects that make up your being, helps you to understand the Holistic model and gives you powerful tools to intentionally approach your process with empowered action.

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Drama,Trauma and Toxicity in Relationships

How can you tell that you are in a toxic relationship and do you navigate the drama and trauma caused by certain personalities? What are the most important things that you need to know about building conscious and expansive relationships? What are the most powerful tools to navigate the trauma, drama and toxicity of relationships? How can you create relationships that reflect the love, self-respect and connection that you long for? This lecture offers powerful insight on some of the most effective, practical life-tools, tips for navigating your relationships and insight on how to build the connection in relationships that you are looking for that can completely transform your life.

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The Relation SHIFT Webcast (June 19, 2021)

  • What is a paradigm? (38 m)
  • The Importance of Developing your Inner Symbolic Language (18 m)
  • MATURE INNER ADULT:  Understanding the Dynamics of the Protector (18 m)
  • WOUNDED INNER CHILD:  Chronic Pain and the Misunderstood Child (18 m)
  • Projection:  The Dark Side of an Empath (17 m)
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The Relation SHIFT Webcast (April 29, 2021)

  • The 5 Keys for Effective Change (35 mins)
  • Relationship Triggers & Primal Wounds (25 mins)
  • Rekindling the Dynamics of Romance (20 mins)
  • Projection: Putting Your Partner on a Pedestal (18 mins)
  • Making your Partner your Therapist or Becoming the Therapist (23 mins)
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The Relation SHIFT Webcast (April 15, 2021)

  • Dynamics of Being “Triggered” (15 mins)
  • 8 Steps to Process Being “Triggered” (30 mins)
  • Case Study #1 – Fear of engaging in discussions: Needy Child & Unavailable Adult (23 mins)
  • Case Study #2 – Not keeping your word: Injustice & Misunderstood Child (10 mins)
  • Agreements (16 mins)
  • Rules for Healthy Arguments (7 mins)
  • The 4 Types of Disagreements (23 mins)
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