Course Tag: Ego

Understanding the Human Ego Matrix

The Ego is a fundamental part of the your human experience on many levels. But it is also one of the most misunderstood aspects of the being when it comes to personal development and inner work.  What is the ego? How does it function? In this workshop we will explore the structure of the Ego matrix, how it works and what part it plays in your every day human experience. We will also explore the spiritual concepts of “killing the ego” and “ego death” to get a deeper understanding of how to navigate your own inner and outer relationship to the important part of your being.

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A Map of Consciousness: The Universe of You

When seekers begin their process of self-investigation, one of the first questions is how do I approach the process? Where should I be placing my focus? What is the most effective approach? How should I begin? The truth is that, everyone could use a holistic map to more effectively navigate their journey into self-exploration.  In this course you will explore a powerful “Universe of You” Map of consciousness which is designed to help you to not only understand, but also support that process. The lecture outlines the different aspects that make up your being, helps you to understand the Holistic model and gives you powerful tools to intentionally approach your process with empowered action.

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