COACHING CASE STUDY: Getting Lost in the Wound (22 mins)

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Q: I have been having a lot of trouble when I get triggered and go into a specific fragment of my Wounded Inner Child. I find myself getting totally consumed by the pain of the wound, I feel sorry for myself, I get lost and I often stuck.  In this discussion we will explore the how activating the Available Adult can help this process.

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As a Holistic Life, Business and Relationship Coach, Markus has accumulated over 40,000 hours of coaching celebrities, entrepreneurs, businesses, couples and individuals for over 20 years and has created the groundbreaking IRAM: A Map for Creating Conscious Relationships.He facilitates events worldwide and is a regularly featured expert guest and speaker on podcasts and summits. Using an integrated approach of life coaching, psychology, mindset, alternative modalities and meditation practices, he has changed the lives of thousands by teaching how to transform all your relationships from the inside out.

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