Racine Community Acupuncture

10502 Northwestern Avenue, Franksville, WI

10502 Northwestern Avenue, Franksville, WI

Christie Kern earned a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine (MCOM) in Racine, Wisconsin. After providing in-home acupuncture in Harrisburg, PA, and working in a traditional one patient per hour acupuncture clinic, she returned to her hometown, Racine. Upon her return she opened her dream clinic, Racine Community Acupuncture. Revolutionary in design, this community-style acupuncture clinic is part of a national movement. Community acupuncture offers affordable, effective treatments in a living room setting, with soft music in the background as patients relax in a reclining chair. “Working in a group not only reduces the cost of each treatment,” she explained, “It brings a greater concentration of healing energy to each patient. It’s like comparing a solo singer to a choir.”

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