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The level of intuition, genuine caring, and remarkable openings that run through Markus are unlike any I have ever experienced before. Markus’ light is so bright and his healing abilities are profound. Working with Markus awakens my awareness to its very depths so that I can see clearly. Although sometimes the process is momentarily painful, Markus holds a safe and sacred space for me to move through what is holding me back. The result is transforming

My session felt as if I were in a cacoon of light and energy which continued to grow stronger and stronger throughout the session. Areas of my body that he would intuitively touch resulted in me feeling my emotions which felt that they were being held closed, and with his guidance, the holding released entirely. The healing continued long after my session was completed. And as time has gone by, I can see and feel how much I have shifted and also let go of what no longer served me. What is truly amazing is that working with Markus brings such awareness to my Being that the changes are permanent and each time I work with him it is exponential and expansive…

Samantha AvenaimReiki MasterLos Angeles, CA

My experience of working with Markus Kasunich as a coach and teacher has been nothing short of life-changing in all aspects of my personal and professional life.  My ability to become a more complete person and business owner was significantly impacted from the moment I began working with him.  His approach to coaching is focused and efficient, and can lead to incredibly dynamic change and progress. His mastery of topics such as emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and business and personal relationships make him uniquely talented as a coach and mentor, and the perfect “coach’s coach.” 

Markus’ ability to identify and articulate the barriers to client’s achieving their personal potential is extraordinary.  He can immediately see the path to overcoming what is in the way, and offers a plan to move toward personal and professional growth and success.  The tools that Markus has developed over his 20+ years of teaching and coaching are remarkable, and have been immensely helpful to me in making rapid, sustainable progress in my own development.

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work closely with Markus and know no other personal or professional coach who has the breadth of knowledge about the most important topics and issues that impact his clients’ ability to be their best self.  Consider yourself fortunate if you have the chance to work with Markus personally.  It has been one of the greatest blessings of my life and career.


Christine KannRacine, WI USA

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