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...The simple truth is that no one can or will ever “heal” you. You are always at some level “healing” yourself. You allow the co-creation of the experience and accept the journey. An individual or a “healer” can however, facilitate, inspire, invite and even be a conscious catalyst in the process.

Through the transmission of their consciousness, the healer can be a knowing (or even an unknowing) instrument in the process to assist you in purifying, integrating and realizing an aspect of your being which can change your relationship within and restore the natural state of balance in the Universe of You…”

Markus offers over 20 years of personal training and experience in the world of healing.  His deep understanding of  human psychology,  esoteric principals, Self-Awareness and powerful  techniques to facilitate a practical, holistic experience of transformation has empowered lives worldwide.

He weaves his diverse background, along with his unique understanding of energy dynamics and various healing techniques, into a Holistic and multi-dimensional experience (mind, body, and spirit), specifically tailored to the individual needs of each client. The sacred space and nurturing atmosphere that he creates allow individuals to surrender into powerful realms of personal healing and transformation.

Invest in your own journey and change your life…

These transformational sessions offer a holistic approach to the entire being and can include:  counseling, holistic life coaching, a collection of hands-on energetic modalities as well as physical body work (in-person session) to create a complete mind, body and spirit experience.

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