“… I am honored when someone invites me to be part of their process. I consider it a privilege. And based on the dynamics that I observe on multiple levels of consciousness, my role as a guide is to help to empower you to discover, celebrate, integrate and express the unlimited potential of your unique and personal journey into Self- discovery...``

Markus utilizes the experience from his mufti-faceted background, his deep understanding of the human psychology and energetic dynamics, and various intuitive talents to create an empowering environment for transformation.

His holistic ‘coaching’ or counseling sessions provide insight, practical tools, and real-life solutions to help those from every walk of life to navigate through challenges in your businesses, vocations, careers, relationships, and/or personal life.

Markus continues to work with clients from all corners of the globe who experience lasting transformation in every facet of their lives by working remotely and ONLINE…

Create the necessary tools and coaching you need to achieve your goals…

These transformational skype or phone sessions offer a holistic approach to healing the entire being and can include: Techniques to assist you to connect to your core essence, Intuitive counseling, holistic life coaching, remote energetic transmissions , esoteric healing modalities as well as specific tools and exercises to create mind, body and spirit healing experience.

Invest in your own journey into Self and change your life…

This popular program is specially designed for your unique journey into Self to offer a combination of in person sessions and regular holistic life coaching, check-ins combined with intuitive counseling, as well as specific tools, resource materials to keep you on track to meet your goals for self growth (+ The popular Advanced Coaching Program includes one BONUS In-person healing session)

Advanced Coaching Subscription
(pay $125/month for 6 months)

Advanced Online Coaching Subscription
(pay $310/month for 12 months