Tools For Transfomation

Ancient metaphysical wisdom, alchemical tools and practical, psychological techniques have been used in spiritual traditions worldwide for centuries.

This comprehensive collection of  holistic tools and exercises are designed to assist you in transmuting all dis-ease and disharmony in the mind, body and spirit.  Utilize these simple but powerful tools in your personal practice for powerful transformation




The Sacred Art of Mandala Making

 This published article is taken from my chapter in Bumps in Motion… I became fascinated with the idea of mandala after it became fascinated with me. It wasn’t until I was already well […]

Writing and Burning

(A tool for releasing and transforming consciousness) As we continue to deepen in our experience of our infinite nature and therefore begin to change our relationships to all the outdated […]

Mantra, Invocation, and Affirmation

The effect of the spoken word on your consciousness is truly profound. It inspires change. Since the dawn of spiritual practices, intentions have been spoken aloud in mantra, invocations, spells, […]

Re-parenting the Inner Child

The human consciousness is multidimensional in nature with vast levels of unconscious behaviors or programming that we are constantly “playing out” every day of our lives. Understanding this system, […]

Markus Kasunich | Tools For Transfomation
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