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What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur

Being a business owner calls for a certain mindset, and a comfort level with the uncertainty and risk that is inherent in being an entrepreneur.  Do you have what […]

27 Jul 2017

Being Inspired & Connected to Your Work

We all hope that we spend our time doing work that inspires us and that we feel deeply connected to.  But we  can sometimes fall into routine, and lose […]

Stop Waiting, Get Motivated…

The last time you intended to clean out a closet, get back in the gym, or reach out to an old friend but did not get it done, what […]

23 Mar 2017

Don’t Feed The Stories

In our exploration of “The Stories We Tell Ourselves”, we have heard our guests emphasize that often we can make a situation more complicated or dramatic through our stories. […]

9 Jan 2017

Being Alone but not Lonely

We all have times when we find ourselves without anyone else around, and it is our perception that determines if at those times we feel grateful and fulfilled, or […]

7 Dec 2016

It’s OK to not be OK

How many times have you asked someone “Are you OK?”.  We’ve all done it.  We want to know the person is doing well, and has life under control.  Most […]

2 Nov 2016

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

  We often tell the inspiring stories of our guests, their ability to find new and better ways to do things, and to overcome challenges in their lives.  This […]

2 Oct 2016

Connecting To Your Life Purpose

The feeling of connecting to life purpose can be different for each person, and many describe the experience as the “voice of their soul”.  It can be a deep […]

20 May 2016

The Power & Potential of Your Intuition (Part 1 & 2)

  Have you ever had a “gut feeling” about something in your life, but ignored what that feeling was telling you, only to later regret that you didn’t pay […]

24 Mar 2016

The Foundations of Meditation (Part 1 & 2)

Multiple sources of research have shown the many benefits of meditation, but it can be overwhelming to know how to begin to incorporate it into your daily life.  Like any regular […]

12 Jan 2016

Feeling is Healing

In this intimate 60 minute radio interview, Markus takes the co-host chair for the Baub Show for a thought-provoking discussion and conversation bout the power of feeling and how […]

12 Nov 2015

Re-connecting to Nature

We wrap up our discussion about what the various people, places, and things in our life can teach us with a look at what we can learn from Nature. […]

26 Oct 2015

Embracing Life’s Journey

  The ultimate journey is the journey that life takes us on….the ups and downs, the highs and the lows.  What if we lived each day with the intention […]

2 Sep 2015

Connecting to the Spirit of Everything

Amidst the distractions of our life, we might feel that we have lost our connection to Spirit around us.  But it is there…..both around us, and in us.  How […]

29 Jul 2015

Finding Peace in the Busy-ness

This week is the first in a series of shows focusing on the pervasive addiction to “busy-ness” that so many of us experience.  Between our work, parenting, volunteer and […]

26 May 2015
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