Ancient metaphysical wisdom, alchemical tools and practical, psychological techniques have been used in spiritual traditions worldwide for centuries.This comprehensive collection of  holistic tools and exercises are designed to assist you in transmuting all dis-ease and disharmony in the mind, body and spirit.  Utilize these simple but powerful tools in your personal practice for powerful transformation.

A series of articles, columns, excerpts, discourses, and information has been collected from a wide range of sources. You will find teachings from Masters, spiritual teachers, psychologists, scientists, healers, as well ancient verses from spiritual texts.

All of these “Teachings” have been brought together to create a resource of valuable and practical tools to help you on your personal journey.

In our modern world of communication we continue to refine our ability to use forms of popular media and technology to connect and share information.

This is a collection of selected audio and video clips from live interviews, public lectures & discourses, pod-casts, workshops, retreats and a range of  sources to offer another opportunity to connect, learn and integrate powerful and practical tools and teachings to transform your relationship to your Self and your life.