community---fadedThis is a course in applying life lessons that will transform your relationship to your life…

The integration of awakened consciousness can be a challenge for anyone. In the midst of our personal growth, spiritual lessons, understanding of esoteric knowledge and our ever-evolving relationship with ourselves, it can be difficult to balance these new understandings into our existing relationships, workplace, and lifestyles…

The Mastering Integration Forum (I-Forum) has manifested by the request of many of Markus’ clients who are seeking additional insights, and a safe and intimate space for the continued exploration with a supportive and committed group of like-minded seekers.

The specially designed and ongoing Forum is tailored to assist people who are serious and committed to their spiritual unfoldment and deepening in their relationship to Self.  The synergy of this group in a safe environment creates an amazing accelerated opportunity for not only healing, but more importantly, the integration of that healing. This course offers practical solutions and answers the common question “I think I know what to do, but I need help on how to do it…”

The I-Forum may include applicable materials, suggestions for resources, practical tools, powerful exercises, discourses, Q&A, personal counseling, and facilitation. The material will be tailored to the emotional and energetic needs of the group and the curriculum with flexible and dynamic.

For any of you who have experienced Markus’ breadth of wisdom gained from his personal experience, his intuitive gifts, and his remarkable ability to facilitate lasting transformation, this is a unique invitation and a gift to yourself that you will want to be a part of.    Also, this program is an amazing tool to accelerate the energy, insights, and guidance gained from private sessions and group events that you may have attended.

This opportunity is only being made available to those who have had the experience of a private session with Markus Kasunich, and attendance is limited.

In 2013 there will 6 ongoing I-Forums available throughout the course of the year. (starting Sunday, March 10 2013). Future dates will be announced as they become available.

Cost:  $50.00 per I-Forum or $135.00 for the advance purchase for three I-Forum

At this time I am only offering the I-Forum classes in Racine, Wisconsin... More cities to come... For more information inquire at or contact Chris Kann at (262) 681-7355