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6 -month Membership $500 
3- month Membership $260 

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A powerful resource for your journey of self-discovery…

with your MEMBERSHIP, have full access to a growing archive of Holistic content (audio, video & written course material) comprised of practical life & consciousness coaching, relationship tools, powerful exercises for self-investigation, recent podcasts, guided visualizations & meditations, psychological tools & insights, journaling techniques, tantra practices, Kundalini & Kriya yoga, alchemical healing & purification techniques, vibrational medicine, one-on-one instruction, group coaching & so much more…
This Membership program is a committed, immersive exploration and facilitation into your deeper personal issues using powerful access to online material in the Members Registration site to utilize ongoing tools to unravel and facilitate sustainable transformation in all areas of your life. During your membership window you will be eligible for:


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