Understanding & Awakening Your Intuition


Duration: 2 hours (including Q&A)
Recorded Live in Racine, Wisconsin


What is intuition? How does it work? Is everyone Intuitive or do only some people have that “special gift?” Can I awaken my own intuitive gifts? How can I make my Intuition work for me?

Learning to allow and utilize your intuitive faculties is a powerful skill that can be cultivated by all.   But to awaken its potential you must first understand how it functions within your consciousness, how to access it and finally how to allow it into your life.

Join Spiritual Teacher, Markus Kasunich for a transformational evening where he will unravel the misconceptions and myths about accessing your own unlimited potential through your intuition. He will explore ancient esoteric teachings, metaphysics, and offer practical tools and exercises that will assist you to access, enhance and utilize this gift to transform your relationship to your Self and your life.


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