Understanding the Power of the Masculine & Feminine Archetypes Course

$450.00 $400.00

Understanding The power of the Masculine & Feminine course includes:

Unlimited access to almost 5 hours of the retreat video footage (approx. 4 hrs 45 min)
The complete course material (over 20 page work package)
One 60 minute Remote counseling and/or review session with Markus

All material is copyright 2017 Markus Kasunich









EXPLORE:  Esoteric Male & Female energy systems –  Psychological journaling exercises –  Exploration of Archetypal relationships – Practical tools & techniques – Personal exploration of inner dynamics

Understanding, respecting and activating the power and potential of Masculine & Feminine energy principles within your world can change your relationship to everything. What are differences between these energies? How are these energies associated with your energy field, your body, your gender, and relationships? How can practicing these principles empower you to be a conscious creator and empower your ability to manifest in all areas of your life? What is your relationship to these metaphysical principles and why does it matter?

Join Holistic Life & Consciousness Coach, Markus Kasunich as he unravels the truth about these metaphysical principles understood and practiced by alchemists, sages, yogis and Masters for thousands of years. By understanding these often misunderstood principles in your being you can empower your creative and spiritual potential, deeply impact your Awareness and perspective on inner and outer balance, whole-being health, creativity  and more. Reclaim true balance, understand your potential and discover the understanding and tools to transform your life.  Please bring your journal or writing material. This event will be recorded.



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