The Secret Language of Gender roles in Relationships


2 hour + discussion (including Q&A)

Recorded live in Racine, Wisconsin




We are interpersonal and social beings biologically, psychologically and spiritually “hard-wired” to create a variety of different relationships in our lives for many purposes:  Romantic & erotic, life-partnership & companionship, family & friendship, casual & professional…

What inner experience defines and creates these outer relationships? And what is this “secret language” that attracts these “special” ones who will play out these relationships with you in your life?  How does this often unknown and misunderstood language manifest differently in men and women? What are “Soul-mates,” Twin Flames” and “Karmic relationships?” Are they real? If so, then can you truly affect how they manifest?

Join Life & Consciousness Coach, Markus Kasunich as he unravels the forbidden, the subconscious and the secret language of relationships. Explore how the knowledge and awareness of this internal, psychological, emotional, energetic and erotic inner language in each of the genders can assist you to navigate and enhance your existing relationships, aid you in your future partnerships, and forever transform your experience of all the relationships in your life.


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