LIVE WEBCAST Event with Markus Kasunich on Inner and Outer RELATIONSHIPS


LIVE WEBCAST EVENT:  Thurs, June 24th @ 5:30 pm PT / 7:30 pm CT   

Upon payment follow the instructions sent to you to access the zoom meeting room.   





Markus is offering access to his ongoing monthly LIVE Group Coaching Q&A Webcast. This powerful event is designed as a “Self-Mastery Forum” for his coaching clients to explore consciousness, all aspects of your healing process, journey, specific topics, techniques, tools for transformation. Click the link to register for the event.

Please send your questions on any topic that you want to discuss to 24-48 hours before the event. All questions are anonymous. Markus selects from the pool of questions to create the content for the call. The chat line will be open during the event to ask additional questions and expand on the live discussion.


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