Inner Relationship Archetypal Model (IRAM)


90 min Remote review session with Markus (after completion of package) 
Downloadable PDF of the IRAM (Inner Relationship Archetypal Model) material




The IRAM (Inner Relationship Archetypal Model) was developed to create as a powerful comprehensive and transformational tool to assist you in building an awareness and understanding of the conditioned inner relationships and how these inner dynamics inevitably affect every aspect of the outer relationships of your life (inner and outer).

Once these personality or EGO fragments (conscious, expansive & unconscious and contractive) are understood and explored, this model becomes an invaluable map to guide your ongoing refinement, growth and life choices (past, present and future).  This powerful Map of consciousness is comprised of 4 aspects:

The Inner Shadow Adult and the Wounded Inner Child (unconscious, contractive and immature dynamics of the Ego)
The Mature Adult and the Radiant Inner Child (conscious, expansive and mature dynamics of the Ego) 

Since these dynamics are often deeply rooted in the unconsciousness, do your best with that material, complete the exercises within the package and utilize the remote session with Markus to review your process… Enjoy the Inner exploration. 




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