IRAM Course (CLASS ONE): A Map for Healthy Conscious Relationships

Milluminati Private Gym & Wellness Studio 
(4813 West National Ave, Milwaukee, WI)
Event Cost:  $200  + (3 Monthly Payments of $200)    




Milluminate Holistic Wellness Center   
(4813 West National Ave, Milwaukee, WI)
Event Cost:  $599 

The Intimate course explores the process of mapping your inner dynamics and conditioning using the powerful IRAM model. This unique system transforms the way you engage in EVERY relationship and gives you the tools to create lasting intimate, mature, and conscious connections with yourself and others. What you will explore in this class is equivalent to several years of therapy – no joke!  This is a very effective way to deeply understand and transform your conditioning and completely change your life. The classes will include lectures, practical exercises and coursework.  *** Includes  FREE ACCESS to the Morning Guided Meditation  (sat, Feb 25 @ 10 am) ***

COURSE INFO:  IRAM Course (Sep 2023 – Sep 2024 – In-person + online dates TBA)  
4 – In-person group classes (3-4 hrs each)  + 4 – Remote group coaching classes (90 mins)  = Total class time:  30 hours

– All classes are recorded and accessible online for the duration of the course.
– All coaching materials are included. 
– Online access for all recorded videos and class content.
(Special offers for private coaching are available to class members)



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