EMPOWERING Conscious Relationships

$450.00 $400.00

Location:   Varitay Studios (410 Main Street, Racine WI, 3rd floor) 
Meals not included (tea and water is provided) 
Bring:  Chairs, meditation pillow, journal, snacks

10 am – 6 pm  (1 h 30 min lunch break) 


Manifest fulfilling romantic partners, empowered friendships, enhance your marriage, your connection to family and become a more loving and effective parent.  In this one-day workshop, explore holistic principles, practical tools and psychological dynamics that truly empower conscious relationships. Discover the secrets to creating enriching, healthy and mature inner and outer relationships in every facet of your life. The workshop will explore:

  • The keys to mature relationships
  • Unravel the narcissist/martyrdom paradigm
  • Explore introvert/extrovert personality patterns
  • Co-dependence vs. interdependence 
  • Understand the reality/illusion principle
  • Discover your relationship potential


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