Connecting to the World of Spirit


 Recorded live:  Racine, Wisconsin on March 20, 2015
Length:  2 hours



There are many misconceptions about the world of spirit and what mysteries exist within it. What is the “Spirit World?” What are these Spirit guides, Angels and other vibrational beings that so many mystics, healers, and shamans have described, channeled and communed with throughout the ages?  What does this world offer you and how does understanding and connecting to it affect your everyday life?

In this special event, Spiritual teacher and healer Markus Kasunich will “open the doors” and unravel the mysteries of this sacred world as he shares his lifetime of personal experiences within this realm, offering guidance and tools, and providing a practical map of understanding to help you to not only understand but also experience the untapped power of this fascinating world of consciousness. Take a journey and explore a world truly known by few…



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