Exploring the Power and Influence of 2023



Consciously Reset your 2023…
Begin your New Year with Awareness

With Markus William Kasunich (Holistic Life and Relationship Coach)
** Special Guest
: Lisa Garcia (Astrologist & Feng Shui Practitioner) **

Join the annual NEW YEAR – LIVE Relation SHIFT Webcast…   2023 has a lot of interesting and powerful influences in store for us… Join the first LIVE webcast of 2023 where we will examine the energy, numerology and astrological influences for the upcoming 2023.

What can we expect? What is the “flavor” of the year?
What astrological influences are present and how might that manifest?
What should you be aware of to start of the new year with awareness.
What tools and areas of focus will be amplified this year.

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