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The Uncertainty of Reality (70 mins)  Copy

Q- I believe some of the movies and stories have a lot of truth to them. The Matrix is one of them.  Do we live in a feel we are living in a simulation on a green screen and is it even real?

I want to know your take on the afterlife. Does it exist?  Do you believe in reincarnation?   Is there a specific purpose or meaning in our lives  – a Soul mission?

I also feel that Angels and other guides are real and they are here among us – Is that just my belief? What about other beings? I have also heard there are “good” and “bad” beings living among us and in different dimensions and some of them you don’t want to interact with and them and you need to be careful. 

I know this is a lot, but these are the kind of questions that I would love if you addressed in the next webcast. Thank you in advance.