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Part 3 – Practical Tools to Shift Your Mindset (37 mins) Copy

The Default/Habitual Mindset – Is your “default” unconscious, unexamined or habitual way of thinking. This is the mindset that was developed through your life experiences and your exposure to certain experiences. It can be expansive or contractive – usually it’s a mix of both for most people. But it is often the way of thinking you revert back to when you become unconscious. It is heavily colored by your past.

The Contractive Mindset – This is the “below the line way of thinking” unconscious/unaware, wounded, shadow, negative, disempowered, unaccountable, victimized way of thinking. The trouble for many is that they have never explored their contractive mindset, and it is so sired into your thinking that it even the most contractive way of thinking can become normalized and seem familiar even though it is not healthy for you

The Expansive Mindset – This is the “above the line way of thinking” conscious/aware, empowered, radiant, mature, positive, accountable. This can be 100% cultivated. In fact it is ideal to recondition yourself until the Expansive way of thinking becomes your “default” go to  habitual state. That is the goal.
This includes all levels of thinking – Abundance, wealth, self-love, self-respect, growth mindset… All of the different areas of expansion.
The Neutral Mindset – The highest most expansive state of mind is the neutral mind. The neutral mind is a mindset at rest – no excessive thinking for the sake of thinking. It is mostly free from a lot of activity – it is highly disciplined mind that has been trained not run amok unchecked.  It is poised and ready for action. This state of mind has been trained to observe the world (from the witnesser informed from your consciousness). This is the space where the mind becomes a powerful tool used by consciousness to be focused when needed in the direction of choice.  This is developed through many different means.