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``We are a naturally curious and interdependent species with unfathomable potential. Some of our most profound healing, personal growth, and ultimate Self realization occurs through the reflection of our relationships with Self and others...

For me, speaking with people is a profound gift. The unique dynamics of each group offers an exciting new invitation to more deeply explore, understand, and integrate awareness from different perspectives allowing me to discover, inspire, and offer new keys to deepen in that inherent potential...``

- Markus William Kasunich

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markus-050A-199x300Markus has been facilitating workshops groups and speaking to audiences of all sizes and backgrounds for  many years. As a professional  international speaker he has been offering an inspiring perspective on a multitude of topics pertaining to creativity, healing, self-help, and  self awareness. His extensive understanding of psychology, spirituality, and creativity combined with his unique background and life experiences allows him to inspire the hearts and minds of many on their personal journeys of healing, empowerment and Self realization…

Having trained and mentored with mystics, psychics, psychologists,  Masters, and shamans from many countries worldwide, along with his continuing refinement of his natural intuitive gifts has given him  an honest, personal, and practical approach to understanding the human condition, the spiritual journey, as well as the practical application of spiritual principles and universal law.

These engaging lectures provide a real life insight into a host of everyday issues that we all face in an ever-evolving world.   Engaging discussion topics such as creativity, personal empowerment,  psychology, relationships, parenting, holistic living, meditation, and Self-awareness  are topics he has shared his insights on.

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”Thought-provoking discussion of spiritual aspects of creating our own life abundance…as a teacher, Markus combines a down-to-earth style with a master’s grasp of the subject…”

“Markus resonates with a powerful gentleness, fearless and accepting. He is able to see any situation as a gift, welcome it lovingly and pull from it, truth and light. Hence, he presents profound teachings that reveal themselves for days. I have been honored to host Markus as a guest speaker at my store in Kenosha, WI.

``An evening with Markus is guaranteed to be an insightful, engaging experience. He’s spoken on a variety of topics such as, ‘The Power of Words‘, ‘Archetypes & Symbols‘, ‘The Human Ego‘ and ‘Finding Inner Peace‘…. After an evening with Markus I always feel ‘blessed and grateful’…having been carried to a loving, higher place of knowing. I would welcome him to my store and be thrilled to introduce him to the community any time… time & time again…”