These intimate evenings and workshops focus on personal transformation through experience. Using creative tools and exercises, these events are designed to assist one in breaking through fears, issues, build confidence, inspire teamwork and break down blockages by using a host of holistic techniques, energetic tools, psychological techniques, and shamanic practices to address the entire being at a core level in a safe, nurturing, and deeply respectful environment.

Markus has the uncanny ability to present a map of consciousness with clarity and focus demonstrating how to apply the abstract concepts of the Spiritual world into your every-day life, while not still deeply honoring the integrity of these powerful metaphysical, psychological and alchemical principals…  His holistic approach (mind, body, spirit) of “Practical Spirituality” opens up powerful opportunities to not only examine but also to change every relationship within the Universe of You… As you come to understand this world within you empower yourself to create a whole new experience of your life.  Take the time to explore these powerful gatherings and workshops. You will be empowered, inspired and transformed.



”Truly one of the most unique and powerful experiences I have ever had. Markus’ shamanic work on the night of the full moon created a palpable environment of healing energy. The commitment of the participants to their own and each others healing made this an unforgettable experience. I was completely altered for hours afterward. Don’t pass up the next chance you have to be in the room for a healing circle with Markus. Thank you for all the very unique gifts and summoning powers you shared with us, Markus…”