We all have a fundamental human need to connect with others. But fostering healthy relationships, whether they are romantic partners, friendships, work or family is still an ongoing challenge for most of us, especially since we are conditioned by what we experienced in the past. What defines a healthy relationship and how do we recognize it? What are the tools that you need to nourish mature relationships in your life? What are the keys to unlock the hidden potential in any relationship?

Holistic Life and Consciousness Coach Markus Kasunich has worked with thousands of people from all around the globe to them help heal, transform and sustain healthier and more fulfilling relationships. Join Markus as he offers his years of experience, his insight into the dynamics of human behavior and practical tools to help you cultivate more attention, expansion and living awareness into your behavior. Empower yourself and completely transform your experience of every relationship in your life.

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“I feel called to share a taste of this comprehensive no-nonsense “guide book” of truth, practical wisdom and metaphysical understanding that took me decades to realize and apply in my life. I offer the teachings that I always longed for wishing they were more available to me when I was seeking answers to these fundamental questions.” - Markus Kasunich