On the Spiritual path there is often a lot of discussion about words like “holistic, mindfulness, consciousness, and awareness.” It can all seem very confusing and overwhelming. What does it all mean? To most people these spiritual concepts, though powerful in theory, often remain unapplied and meaningless in our everyday practical lives. So how can you practically apply these principles to create a more abundant, fulfilled, expansive life? How can you live as a truly empowered conscious creator?

Join Holistic Life and Consciousness Coach, Markus Kasunich as he explores the art of practical spirituality by transforming ancient holistic wisdom and alchemy into grounded real-life tools. The secret to accessing the pure potential of consciousness is being able to understand, directly experience and practically apply these principles. Markus will offer his insight and 20 years of experience to decode these concepts and deepen your understanding wherever you are on your spiritual path. Learn how to practically apply the power of consciousness in your every-day create powerful change.

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“I feel called to share a taste of this comprehensive no-nonsense “guide book” of truth, practical wisdom and metaphysical understanding that took me decades to realize and apply in my life. I offer the teachings that I always longed for wishing they were more available to me when I was seeking answers to these fundamental questions.” - Markus Kasunich