Exploring, understanding and respecting the power of both the masculine & feminine energy principles within yourself, and how it translates to the world, can change your entire life. Men and women possess both these energies within them to varying degrees. Understanding these dynamics and finding a balance between them is a powerful tool on the journey to living a more peaceful, abundant and harmonious life. This is true not only within ourselves, but in the ways these energies play out in our interpersonal relationships and the social issues present in the world today. 

What are differences between these masculine and feminine energies? How are these energies associated with the physical body, your gender and your relationships? How does practicing these principles empower you to be more aware and intentional about creating the life that you desire? 

Join Holistic Life & Consciousness Coach, Markus Kasunich as he unravels the truth about these principles, understood and practiced for thousands of years, that deeply impact your awareness and perspective on relationships, balance, whole-being health, creativity, manifestation and more. 

Please bring your journal or writing material.

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“I feel called to share a taste of this comprehensive no-nonsense “guide book” of truth, practical wisdom and metaphysical understanding that took me decades to realize and apply in my life. I offer the teachings that I always longed for wishing they were more available to me when I was seeking answers to these fundamental questions.” - Markus Kasunich