We are interpersonal and social beings that are biologically, psychologically and spiritually “hard-wired” to create a variety of different relationships in our lives for many purposes: Romantic, life-partnership, companionship, family, friendship, casual & professional. Everyone wants to either enhance, invigorate or ignite their existing relationships or create passionate new ones with “the right person.” So, how do you do it?

Why do we attract the kind of people that we do? Why do we so often sabotage our relationships or get stuck? What do you need to understand and do differently to cultivate truly conscious, healthy, loving, sustainable relationships in all areas of your life? How do often-misunderstood inner and outer dynamics, and existing conditioning define the psychology of relationships differently in men and women? What are “Soul-mates,” Twin Flames” and “Karmic relationships?” Are they real?

Join Life & Consciousness Coach, Markus Kasunich as he reveals some of his "best-kept secret tools” for creating healthy relationships, developed from working with clients for over 20 years. He will also explore the unseen inner psychology that creates the unspoken language that defines your relationships. Explore how this awareness can assist you to better navigate and enhance your existing relationships, aid you in your future connections, and forever transform your experience of all the relationships in your life.

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