The Reiki Institute of Wisconsin is offering a morning event to explore and experience the powerful energetic healing art of Reiki. Special Guest, Markus Kasunich (Reiki Master) will facilitate the group through a guided meditation then offer a small talk on the transformational power of Reiki Energy.

Each participant will receive a personal Reiki attunement with a certified Reiki Master and be invited to participate in a powerful "Reiki circle" which sends healing and empowering Universal life force to loved ones, endeavors and objects.
If you have never experienced the transformational potential of the Healing art of Reiki, feel free to join us for a powerful introduction to the Reiki and experience the local Reiki community. If you are a student of Reiki, this is also powerful way for you express, share and practice your Reiki techniques and explore with an empowered community.  We look forward to seeing you all there. Please be prompt and RSVP. Space is limited.  

10502 Northwestern Avenue, Franksville, WI