Most people have been conditioned to settle for so much less than what they know they can have.  We have been trained to settle for the status quo, safe and manageable relationships, careers and experiences. We have been conditioned to believe that an incredible, passionate, enriching life is only available by compromising our authentic self.  And yet so many are deeply unhappy and still searching for something more fulfilling, that satisfies their heart’s desire. 

What is the difference between compromise and sacrifice? Is it possible to authentically realize your dream without compromise? What is the difference between happiness and Joy? How do you achieve sustainable happiness?  Can you really have it all? What does it take? Why does it seem like it is available to only a rare few?

In this special evening event, Holistic Life and Consciousness Coach, Markus Kasunich will unravel the cultural myths that define true happiness, the inner and outer psychological barriers and what it really takes to sustain an authentic life of your dreams. He will share his personal experience and insight on some of the most effective, practical life-tools and tips that can completely transform every aspect of your life. 

410 Main Street, Racine, Wisconsin, 53403

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