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The Keys to Creating Conscious Relationships

For over 20 years, Holistic Life and Consciousness Coach, Markus Kasunich has personally helped people from all over the world to reveal, guide and empower their unlimited potential and completely transform their lives.  As a professional speaker, author, healer, spiritual teacher and coach, one of the most common issues he addresses with clients, and those on the path of self-exploration, is the ongoing challenge of navigating personal relationships.

Everyone has a heart-felt longing to create “real”, connected and deeply fulfilling romantic and platonic relationships.  What does it take? For many, it can often feel frustrating and difficult to create and maintain the kind of conscious relationships. As you continue your journey into deeper self-awareness consider:

  • How do you consciously navigate the existing relationships in your life with awareness?
  • How do you manifest the type of relationships that you dream about and that you know you deserve?
  • How do you continue to sustain these healthy, conscious and awakened relationships in your life?

Join Markus as he offers the powerful spiritual keys for creating and sustaining conscious relationships, and to finally manifest the intimacy, connection, and fulfillment that you have always dreamed about. Through exercises in self-exploration, alchemical tools and a revolutionary map of consciousness, he will empower you to completely shift and transform all the inner and outer relationships in your life.