The secrets to creating confidence, empowerment and real fulfillment

We live in a modern “social media” society of perpetual information and instant access which encourages unhealthy comparison and self-critique. Many now feel that this focus on your outer image and projected identity is necessary in order to be accepted, validated and remain socially relevant. But what is the psychological, emotional and spiritual impact of this phenomenon? These tools are supposed to keep us more connected, so why do most people still seem to feel so unhappy and unfulfilled?

How do you unravel, empower and honor who you really are?  What is real empowerment and how can you practically apply this quality in your everyday life?  Why do some people appear so confident and fulfilled in whatever they are doing while others do not? What is the secret to discovering and accessing genuine confidence in yourself to create the meaningful and lasting successful life that you have always wanted?

In this inspirational evening event, Holistic Life and Consciousness Coach, Markus Kasunich will explore the power and influence of true awareness, and how to utilize the commodity of your evolving consciousness to create the sustainable foundation necessary to transform your inner and outer life.  Using practical wisdom, insight and perspective gleaned from years of personal study, coaching individual clients and facilitating hundreds of group events, learn some of the secrets to creating unshakable confidence, personal empowerment and real fulfillment.

410 Main Street, Racine, Wisconsin, 53403