• Understand and apply the holistic mechanics of manifestation
• Know and explore your actual inner relationship to abundance
• Practice “Dream-Casting” an empowered life vision
• Be a conscious creator of your life experience
• Stretch your limiting belief systems

Cost: $400 (click here to RSVP and register) 
Location:   Varitay Studios (410 Main Street, Racine WI, 3rd floor) 
Meals not included

Join Holistic business, life and consciousness coach Markus Kasunich for a transformational workshop to refocus your goals, prepare for the new year and learn how to re-create a new vision for yourself and your life.  This intimate “hands-on” workshop will teach you how to explore, understand and apply the fundamental principles of manifestation beyond some of the misunderstood concepts of “The Law of Attraction.” Understand and practice what is really involved in developing true abundance to overcome what is holding you back. Discover hidden potential, empower your dreams and manifest a life of true purpose…