The idea of Shamanism is quickly becoming a very popular topic in spiritual circles. But what actually is it? Where does originate from? What are the foundations and principles of Shamanism? How can these ancient and sacred practices be incorporated into modern life.

Markus was born into a rich family legacy and lineage of Shamanic practices from the Algonquin, Ojibwa and Cree roots which originated from his family in the native communities of Northern Ontario, Canada. his Great-Grandfather was the practicing Medicine Man of his tribe, his uncle is the current chief of the “Bear Clan tribe” in northern Ontario, Canada and most of his family members are still engaged with native community and life today….

This knowledge and experiential wisdom comes from Markus’ family lineage, my extensive personal studies, initiations, ceremony and training with holistic “Earth Medicine” as well as personal instruction with many Shamans from all over north America, Mexico and South America. Explore the often misunderstood and little known philosophies and principles of Shamanism from his extensive personal experience and training, and learn how to apply these sacred practices to your life and walk the path of the modern Shaman.

The workshop will include:

Understanding the fundamental principles of Shamanism
Reclaiming & Practicing deeper Sacredness
Practical applications of Shamanism
Shamanic practices and traditions
The Power of Shamanic Ceremony
What is the Archetype of Shaman

And more….

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