Our human emotional experience is one of the most powerful and necessary aspects of who we are. Emotions help create intimacy, connection and meaningful relationships with family, friends, romantic partners, co-workers, bosses and the world around us. Whether we realize it or not, our most important communications, decisions and life choices will always be influenced by how we feel, how those emotions affect us, and how we consciously choose to express that experience with others. And yet most people are still limited by their fear, anxiety and stress, and have a daily struggle with expressing how they feel. Why?

In our modern society, we are not encouraged to access or articulate our emotional experience with any real awareness in a way that empowers daily life. There is rarely any education, instruction or training on how to develop a healthy or mature experience with this powerful aspect of who we are. As a result, this unexplored emotional world secretly influences and often sabotages the ability to develop enriching relationships, manifest dreams and create a fulfilling life.

Join Holistic Life and Consciousness Coach, Markus Kasunich for this evening workshop where he will offer his 20 years of personal experience, wisdom and insight on unraveling the untapped power, potential and alchemy of the emotional world beyond the commonly accepted, and often misunderstood definition of emotional intelligence.

Markus utilizes an integrated holistic model that combines experiential psychology, energetic principles and direct experience. Through practical life tools, a simple but comprehensive map, and a rich understanding of emotional dynamics, he will demonstrate how to empower yourself through your emotions instead of being crippled by them. You will discover the awareness, tools, and techniques needed to completely transform your relationship with yourself and the world around you through the power of your emotional world.

• Create a deeper knowledge beyond the superficial and misunderstood definition of emotional intelligence.

• Enhance your interpersonal relationship skills and discover how true emotional intelligence influences decision making, communication and the ability to connect.

• Learn a practical and comprehensive "emotional mapping system" that helps identify, simplify and empower emotional expression in every area of your life.

• Discover techniques on how to access your unconscious (and often outdated) emotional conditioning that negatively affects all your relationships.

• Explore the powerful connection between somatic (emotional awareness) and cognitive (emotional intelligence) which empowers real emotional alchemy to transform your life.

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