Think about how much energy and time you invest in dealing with your own thoughts of insecurity, confidence, inner criticism and fear? How many people often give up on their dreams because it is exhausting and frustrating to constantly feel like they are just battling with themselves? What is one of the biggest challenges you face in your personal journey to creating inner and outer change, manifesting the life and relationships that you want?

The negative-ego voice of doubt, judgment and fear that plays out in your own head that is one of the single biggest blocks that sabotages your dreams and goals.

Where did this voice of negativity come from? Is it possible to live a life without this inner voice of criticism? And how do you put an end to being your own worst enemy?

Join Holistic Life and Consciousness Coach, Markus Kasunich as he unravels the mystery around transcending this inner voice of criticism and doubt. Combining eastern and western modalities, a practical approach to shifting your consciousness, and over 20 years’ experience of being a coach, mentor and guide, Markus will share some of the transformational tools he uses with thousands of people worldwide to successfully change their lives.

Join us for the this powerful evening lecture and workshop and explore:

  • A compressive understanding about the dynamics of Inner voice of fear in your consciousness
  • The keys to navigating the personal version of the inner critic within of you
  • Powerful alchemical tools to neutralize the negative influence of your inner dialogue
  • Ongoing practices to sustain the healthy and empowered voice of awareness within you

What if I told you that if you that is a lot less complicated than you think it is and that you just need the right understanding, tools and practices to truly transcend this negative influence? Do you want to be free to consciously create the life of your dreams – It is possible! You can consciously manifest the life of your dreams!

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