"Understanding the Metaphysics of the Rainbow Body"


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With the powerful foundations prepared, practiced and integrated during level ONE the exploration can continue into the powerful realms of alchemy, purification and the metaphysics of the energetic systems of Consciousness. These energy systems hold the impressions, blueprint and foundation that ripple throughout the entire Universe of YOU. Further expand your relationship to the inner and outer world of vibration, sound and light by understanding and transforming the frequency of your Rainbow Body …

While deepening in your meditation practice, by adding powerful Kriyas to empower the process, you will also expand your understanding and relationship to the effects of the Causal Body, the chakra system, and the Kundalini, all through the power of  the path of “direct experience.”

Become the alchemist that lives as an empowered energy being…




Each of the I-Forum series Levels include:

  • Over 18 hours of class time (6 three-hour classes) throughout the 2016 Calendar
  •  Year long online access to ALL resource material: including all notes, diagrams, charts, writings and other material covered in each class
  • Year long online access to ALL  archived class video recorded live at each class
  • Access to the private I-Forum Series Facebook group which will only available to the current I-Forum members of that class
  • Access to special offers only available to the members of the I-Forum Series
  • Specific personal coaching offers and spiritual guidance for the members of the I-Forum Series



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