shutterstock_1526731Meditation is a powerful component to your personal Sadhna (Spiritual practice). There are many different forms of meditation originating from the various traditions and systems all over the world. With all of their differences, the one thing that almost all meditation has in common is the intention of getting you more deeply connected with Self. This wonderful evening of exploration evening is a structured as a combination of practical exercise and open forum for discussion and guidance.

Markus combines recorded and live music & soothing soundscapes along with different meditative tools, breathing techniques, mindfulness exercises, Awareness-building investigation, inquiry and guided visualizations in order to explore the vast and complex relationship that we all have to the art of meditation.

These guided meditative experiences and inner journeys inspire openings into aspects of the unconscious being and can create physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing, as well as reducing the day-to-day stress and anxiety from an over-stimulated society. In the discussion, Markus examines some of the foundational principals that are at the root of the meditative experience and offers his insight from his own journey.

518 College Ave. #2R, Racine Wisconisn

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