Now more than ever we need effective tools to help us work through the strange and difficult global circumstances that we are dealing with.  With the time in quarantine, everyone has an opportunity to develop this powerful skill to help them in their process.   

Journaling is one of the single most powerful tools that you have available to you to assist you in your process of self-discovery and self-reflection. It is no surprise that some of the greatest, most creative, innovative and successful people throughout history have kept journals as part of their process.  Journaling is far more than just “documenting your life” and when used effectively it can be a profound tool for change that can deeply assist you in deepening self-awareness and transforming your life.

But so many people do not know where to start or how to approach the process of journaling in order to get the most out of it.  Join us for this online discussion where Holistic Life and Consciousness Coach Markus Kasunich will offer his insight and understanding about the power of journaling and offer practical journaling tools, exercises, techniques and prompts so that you can make the most out of the journey of self-investigation.