Come out for a powerful evening of healing with intuitive healer Markus Kasunich and Acupuncturist Christie Kern. Together, they will offer a unique experience with attention to each individual attendee utilizing vibrational medicine and energy techniques in the body and the fields, along with a specific acupuncture treatment designed to enhance and align the group energy. Markus and Christie create a sacred and nurturing space which assists the entire group to surrender into profound states of relaxation, powerful meditation, expanded awareness and personal healing.

Utilizing various alchemical forms of sound vibration, mantra, chanting, invocations, visualization or guided meditation,  Markus will further raise the vibration of the space to elevate the group into the expanding  experiences of consciousness assisting in the releasing, re-aligning, and cleansing the body, mind, and spirit.

The combination of these two powerful healers together creates an incredible journey of healing unlike anything you have ever experienced before!

10502 Northwestern Avenue, Franksville, WI