3-Day Weekend Retreat (Sep 27-29): Access deeper fulfillment by cultivating and sustaining a life of expansion, connection and purpose. Explore our holistic approach which weaves practical tools, exercises and self-investigation with breath, Tantra, Kundalini yoga, meditation and sound. Experience powerful personal purification, healing and transformation in your unfolding journey into wholeness and allow the emergence into the unlimited potential of you. (limited to 40 participants)



1-Day Intensive (Sep 30): (Completion of the 3-Day required) This silent, introspective and exclusive 1-day intensive deeply delves into advanced Sadhana (spiritual practices), self-inquiry, meditation and powerful alchemic techniques from ancient mystery schools. Experience advanced kriya practices, personal hands-on energetic healing and a one-of-a-kind Crystal Pranayantra Journey. (limited to 20 participants)



For more information go to the 2019 Retreat page: //markuskasunich.com/events-calendar/retreats-intensives/

or contact info@i3magi-light.com

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